Press Release - Strategic Partnership

 HIGH POINT (NC), CHESAPEAKE(VA) and DRIPPING SPRINGS(TX) – May 17, 2019 — On Friday, Safe Living Solutions, Access Without Limits, and Buildspective announced a strategic partnership to further assist individuals live independently and safely by providing accessibility products and services. This partnership brings together award winning leaders in the accessibility solutions industry. This strategic partnership will provide a uniformed and consistent delivery of our products and services throughout the United States. Through the consolidation of resources, platforms, and expertise, our industry clients and private pay customers will realize a more efficient, consistent, and cost-saving, experience. “We’re thrilled to partner with Access Without Limits and Buildspective. We have worked together for many years and now is a great time within our industry for us to combine our industry-leading products and services. The outstanding reputations of these companies and their commitment to excellence make this strategic partnership a “perfect blend” of experience, excellence, and customer service. Over the years, these 3 companies have partnered to provide accessibility solutions for injured workers, children with accessibility issues, Veterans, and individuals desiring to remain in their home as they age. We are now able to provide our products and services through a uniformed and consolidated delivery system and customer interface platform. Consistency in products and services as well as consolidation of vendor relationships will allow savings to be provided to our valued clients and customers, “said Vern Martell, President and Founder of Safe Living Solutions. “By leveraging our industry experience, expertise, vendors, subcontractors, product knowledge, platforms, and highly rated customer service, we will be able to provide improved and expedited solutions to our industry clients and private pay customers. This strategic partnership should result in lower costs and better solutions to our valued clients. Our data and insights can enable our companies to work together to provide the safest and most cost-effective accessibility solutions. We expect this collaboration to continue to strengthen the results that our clients see in terms of improved processes, improved time lines, and reduced costs,” said Jack Harris, Founder and CEO of Access without Limits. “Worker’s Compensation carriers and their TPA’s (Third Party Administrators) will benefit from this strategic partnership with no action required on their  behalf. They will receive an increase in coverage area, expanded and combined expertise, and the ability to control or avoid unnecessary costs. We will also allow case managers, injured workers, care givers, attorneys, therapists, and adjusters to be more involved in the process and dramatically reduce the communication gaps that currently exist within the home modifications and accessibility equipment sectors for claims management within worker’s compensation insurance,” said Chris Rollins, President of Buildspective. Safe Living Solutions, Buildspective, and Access Without Limits are Accessibility Specialists that provide products and services to assist individuals with mobility limitations due to age, injury, or illness. These companies provide stair lifts, ceiling lifts, ramps, accessible bathrooms, grab bars, whole home accessibility, accessible room additions, accessible new home construction, and technology devices to enhance accessibility within the home, as well as other products and services to provide safe accessibility for individuals. If you’re interested in learning more about the accessibility and mobility products and services offered through this strategic partnership or to learn how you or your organization can benefit from this strategic partnership, please contact us at